Access physical energy market movements

Close the information gap with Vortexa Analytics: Understand how physical oil & gas flows impact the financial markets.
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Sharpen your timing and double down on the right trades before others

Decrease trading risk
Minimise trading risk
  • Reduce potential losses by hedging exposure to the physical energy market and offset future commodity price risks.

  • Understand where physical supply/demand will be in the future to anticipate a long or short position.
Maximise profits
Maximise trading profits
  • Access physical market movements that will affect prices of exchange-traded energy contracts.

  • Obtain first indications of changing supply/demand conditions that influence regional balances and futures contract prices.
Establish market leadership
Establish market leadership
  • Understand the dynamics behind price points and momentum and anticipate changes in the pricing of financial instruments.

  • Rely on an in-depth history of commodity pricing and supply/demand data.

Obtain first indications of changing supply and demand conditions

Real-time coverage of more than 99% of all waterborne global energy flows allows you to monitor all markets of interest and understand the aggregated flows around pricing points for future contracts.

Understand the dynamics behind price points and momentum

Comprehend aggregated flows around pricing points for future contracts. Gain clarity across each trade route and pricing hub on the balance of flows to determine price direction.

Explore forward-looking intel on the physical energy market

Utilise real-time diversion detection and advanced predictive features to spot divergences from the market consensus. Forecast commodity price movements directly feeding into the present and near time direction of the market.

Trade ahead of the energy markets

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Why Vortexa Analytics?

Leading commercial intelligence sources

Our team of 30+ data scientists, 60+ engineers and 15+ analysts rely on 24/7 streaming from over 150 satellites and a network of over 100 industry data sources to provide you with the most reliable physical energy flow insights on the planet.

Powered by AI, curated by industry experts

Our machine-learning state-of-the-art AI technology models historical and current data at scale, with oversight from our in-house team of global industry experts to plug the information gap and provide the most comprehensive picture of the market landscape.

Full technical flexibility

Data insights can be extracted from the analytics platform straight into Excel or plugged directly into data streams via Vortexa’s API or Python SDK. Our nested API data structure allows us to represent dynamic data without sacrificing detail.

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The latest news

Mar 22, 2022
Event News

In this webinar, Vortexa’s Lead Analyst, Serena Huang, China Market Analyst, Emma Li, and Lead Freight Analyst, Arthur Richier, discussed some new opportunities and trading strategies that have evolved as a result of this new oil regime.

Feb 24, 2022
Event News

Vortexa were proud to host the Energy Market Update 2022 this week, as a pre-IE Week celebration event to bring together industry leaders, held in a hidden venue in Mayfair, London.

Jan 11, 2022
Oil & Gas

China issued the first batch of crude import and product export quotas to refiners this year at around 10% and 55% lower than last year’s respectively, signaling its commitment towards further consolidating the refining sector.


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