Argus-Vortexa Insights Webinar Series

Vortexa Online event

21 July | 30 July 2020


July 2020 saw our webinar partnership with Argus Media kick off with two insightful sessions, focusing on floating storage and data science respectively.

The first session, Floating Storage Insights, featured discussions about the role and impact floating storage has played on the freight market, and how the changing dynamics have impacted not only rates, but overarching trading decisions.

On 21st July, our Americas Managing Director, Clay Seigle, joined industry experts from Argus, Moda Midstream and Teekay Tankers for a panel discussion and live Q&A on Floating Storage. Clay expertly presented global and US-specific floating storage levels in crude refined products, demonstrating clearly that floating storage is the signal to watch.

The panel discussed the following:

  • What role has floating storage played and what impact has this had on freight rates?
  • How are these changing dynamics impacting trading decisions and freight rates?
  • What other solutions exist for crude market players and how are they navigating and planning in today’s environment?

To watch the event on demand, click here.


On the 30th July, we again joined Argus for the Data Science Insights webinar, where CEO Fabio Kuhn delivered a presentation about the relevance of data science in the industry and the benefits of incorporating data science techniques in trading. Fabio was joined by representatives from Argus and BP, and together they discussed:

  • As trading desks shift from traditional discretionary strategies to a data driven approach, what is the role of predictive analytics?
  • Realising the full potential of predictive capabilities will take a considerable amount of effort — by companies themselves (adapting processes, acquiring skills etc) and by the industry overall – is it worth it?
  • Can the power of predictive tools really help trading firms halt the erosion of profit margins and recapture their information edge over rivals?

To watch this event on demand, click here




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