US Gasoline Trends: An atypical summer driving season

Vortexa Online event, Houston
Vortexa Thurs, 27 Aug 2020 - 10:00 CDT / 16:00 BST

Join our US team as they look into the trends of the gasoline market amidst a pandemic, and what recovery we can see coming in the second half of 2020.

Traditionally, the US summer brings with it more cars on the road and in turn, higher demand for gasoline. However, the past few months of 2020 have told a different story. As the US faces reduced consumer activity amid the pressures of COVID-19, gasoline imports into PADD 1 have remained well below 2019 levels, down more than 30 million barrels over the April-July period. What can Vortexa data tell us about the unusual summer 2020 driving season?


In this webinar, we will answer:

  • The summer driving season so far, where has all the gasoline demand gone?
  • Current gasoline trends and flows, what is happening right now?
  • Outlook for 2H 2020, is a recovery over the horizon?
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