USAEE Webinar: Oil Trade - Can the US Remain a Net Exporter?

Vortexa Virtual webinar, global
Vortexa Tues, 26 Jan 2021 - 07:00 CST

September 2019 was the first month for the United States as a net exporter of petroleum products since the 1940s, realizing a decades-long bipartisan objective of US energy policy.  The biggest drivers of this transformation were the surge in domestic crude oil production – powered by tight oil – and the lifting of the crude export ban. Sluggish domestic demand and robust international demand for US crude oil, refined products and natural gas liquids also played a role.  

However, as 2021 begins, many observers question whether the US will remain a net oil exporter:

  • Shale production is under siege from the pandemic-induced oil price downturn, and from skeptical investors that will demand far greater capex discipline
  • The shutdown of some US refineries while new units in Asia come onstream could jeopardize US refined product exports 

In this webinar, we will assess the strength of the US net export position in

  • Crude oil vs. refined products
  • Light crude vs. heavy crude
  • Gasoline vs. diesel
  • LPG and naphtha

And identify the most important factors that will determine the future status of the US as a net exporter.

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