Navigating the oil market uncertainties in 2022
Navigating the oil market uncertainties in 2022
Online, London
22 March 2022
Our presenters discussed strategies on navigating uncertainties in the oil market, as well as opportunities for refiners and the shipping market this year, and in particular under the impression of the Ukraine war and its repercussions for Russian oil exports.

In this webinar, Vortexa’s Chief Economist, David Wech, Head of APAC Analysis, Serena Huang, China Market Analyst, Emma Li, and Senior Freight Analyst, Ioannis Papadimitriou, discussed strategies that could help industry players navigate the uncertainties in the oil market. In addition, they shared new opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of the shipping market, as well as an outlook on Asia’s crude and refined product markets.

Watch the full webinar to understand the 4 key highlights covered by our presenters:

  • Will oil prices continue their bull-run?
  • How do Asian refiners thrive in a tight crude market?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges for the shipping market?
  • China as one of the crucial wild cards
Key takeaways
  • Oil prices to rise further although recessionary risks loom
  • Russian crude seeks new homes in Asia, but the flow reshuffle offers limited upsides to dirty tanker demand
  • With China’s clean product exports subdued, several refiners entering maintenance or struggling to procure feedstocks, diesel cracks will remain extraordinarilly high, offering opportunities for regional refiners to step up operations and exports
  • The repositioning of clean tankers from East to West of Suez earlier in the year as well as long-haul diesel flows support rates in Asia and the Middle East
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