Posidonia 2022
Posidonia 2022
Athens, Greece
06 June 2022 / 06 June 2022
10:00AM - 5:00PM
Greek Gods in Athens talking freight

This year Vortexa will be attending Posidonia 2022 from June 6th to the 10th. Represented by four Greek Gods: Zeus, Poseidon, Apollo and Hermes, that combined, have extensive industry experience and would love to find time to meet and talk freight.

Book time with one of our Greek Gods to Talk Freight: www.vortexa.com/making-waves-posidonia-edition-2022

Check out our breakdown of events during Posidonia 2022:

Jun 6, 2022: Vortexa announces the launch of Freight API and Python SDK providing programmatic access to Vortexa’s intelligence for all market participants. Identify market turbulence ahead of industry peers, and beat competitors to high-stakes negotiations and trade deals with faster response times. To learn more about how you can access this new feature here.

Jun 7, 2022: Vortexa a proud sponsor of Tradewinds Shipowners Forum. For more information on how to register for the event here.

June 6-10, 2022: Making Waves Posidonia Edition. Our Freight expert Arthur Richier takes you on a journey inspired by a community of freight enthusiasts, delivering five episodes covering a range of topics from: Data Analytics, Freight Pricing, Oil Pricing & Tanker Rates, Sustainability and Industry Networking.

June 7-10: Posidonia Beats: Having FOMO for not being in Posidonia? No worries we have you covered! Posidonia Beats brings you a live feed from Athens with the latest and greatest of Posidonia as well as any market dynamics.