Tanker Shipping & Trade Conference
Tanker Shipping & Trade Conference
09 November 2022 / 10 November 2022

A new world order for tanker shipping

Riviera Maritime Media’s Tanker Shipping & Trade Conference returns November 9-10 to Athens. Premier event to attract a premier gathering Vessel operators, terminal operators, charterers, regulators, class, the supply chain, and the maritime service industry, including lawyers, financiers, brokers and other interests will gather to benchmark industry knowledge, build business relationships and gain a competitive edge in all of the aspects that make for successful and sustainable tanker operations.

SESSION 1: The tanker shipping and trade big picture

This session sets out what the new world order for tanker shipping means for the sector from operational, technical, regulatory and financial perspectives. It considers trading prospects for the year ahead and takes a new look at an old consideration: tanker financing. How Russia redrew tanker shipping and trade Russia’s energy trade will continue despite western sanctions with less efficient, longer- haul trade routes and new trading patterns prevailing Advantage India and China Winners and losers

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Key topics:
  • The tanker shipping & trade big picture
  •  OPEC’s pivotal role Iran and Venezuela: What next?
  • BRIC trade to replace European trades Carriage of cargo: what is permissible?