Vortexa is an energy intelligence provider delivering the most complete and real-time view of global seaborne oil markets. Our unique data set and analytics tools are used every day by a growing number of physical, financial and analytical oil and energy market participants, who are looking to capitalise on lucrative strategic opportunities before others. 

Vortexa tracks more than $1.8 trillion in seaborne oil and gas cargoes per year and is unrivalled in proving the most quantifiable data picture; delivering more cargo detail than anyone else.

Vortexa offers clients a platform to seize newly emerging strategic opportunities before others. The accuracy, speed and quality of Vortexa data is an amalgamated hybrid of advanced AI and robust human intelligence gleaned from global industry experts. The extensive network of sources include port agents, governments, brokers, and more. 

Clients of Vortexa can access comprehensive market insights, ranging from intricate details on tanker cargo movements, down to 5kt vessels. The complete product suite encompasses crude oil, clean and dirty refined products, LPG, LNG and chemicals. Vortexa is unrivalled in the scale of data surfaced; our state-of-the-art technology processes un/structured data tracks and predicts complex global cargo flows with exceptional ease.  

Clients can further customise screens with their own set of products, geographies and fleets; enabling tailored market perspectives to support unique proprietary trading strategies.

We cover crude oil and refined oil products in transit and in floating storage. For refined products, you can further drill down to Clean (Biodiesel, Diesel/Gasoil, Gasoline/Blending Component, Jet/Kerosene, Naphtha, LPG +Other Clean products - including chemicals) and Dirty (Fuel Oil, Refinery Feedstock / Intermediates, Asphalt/Bitumen). Each of the clean and dirty product types you can filter by their grade.

Vortexa carries a multitude of benefits for all players within the ecosystem, as it promotes market transparency and surfaces invaluable data points of global seaborne oil and gas flows. 

Analysts, physical traders, financial players, consultancies, PRAs and shipping companies looking to remain deeply knowledgeable, agile and reactive to industry changes significantly stand to benefit from partnering with Vortexa. 

Traders, charterers, brokers and data scientists all widely benefit from Vortexa data insights, as we enable individuals to sharpen their competitive edge, mitigate operational risk and reliably forecast future market fluctuations.

Vortexa Analytics Platform -  A powerful and intuitive platform, with maximum customisation to visually study flows.

Vortexa API - A premium service offered to Vortexa's most advanced users. Our API provides the most flexible and precise way to find the needle in the haystack, with the ability to blend into your own data and models.

Vortexa Python Software Development Kit - Our SDK is a very convenient way for Data Analysts and Data Scientists to work with our data. It provides a quick ramp-up and an almost immediate ability to explore Vortexa data in Jupyter notebooks or any other Python application.

Excel Add-in - A quick and convenient way to pull our data through Excel, to use in your own tables and visualisations.

AWS Data Exchange - A new service that makes it easy to securely find, subscribe to, and use Vortexa oil & gas data in the cloud.

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We recognise the shipping and trading ecosystem is a 24/7 industry. It is therefore of paramount importance, that our clients have free, uninterrupted and around-the-clock access to our Insights platform. 

Expertly crafted market analysis of industry movements are additionally published on a weekly basis, to ensure our clients remain richly informed at all times. 

Analytics Platform

The latest versions of Chrome, Edge or Firefox provide the most superior experiences. 

NB: Internet Explorer 11 is not officially supported, although can still be used. However, the application may not perform as expected and we recommend using an alternative browser. 

Excel Add-in

For Windows users:

Web application: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Firefox.

NB: As Internet Explorer 11 is not officially supported, the Excel Add-in may not perform as expected and we recommend using an alternative browser. 

For Mac users:

Web application: Google Chrome, or Firefox.

Vortexa's Microsoft Excel add-in currently supports all versions from 2016 onwards including desktop and web.

For deeper analysis, Vortexa enables clients to automate data extracts and cultivate data pipelines via third-party tools, including:

  • API: the most powerful way to access our data and the foundation of all of our services. It uses industry standards like HTTP, REST and JSON to provide a flexible and customisable way to query our data and integrate it within your workflow.

  • Python SDK: an easy and convenient way to access our API without having to dive into the complexity of performing network requests and managing raw data. Moreover, being written in Python, it allows data scientists to explore our data with great tools and libraries like Jupiter Notebooks, Pandas and SciPy.

  • Excel Add-in: a convenient way to directly import our data in a familiar tool without having to manually export data from Analytics and manage CSV files. Data can be easily imported and filtered in alignment with client aspirations. 

Vortexa data extraction provides scope for clients to overlay our information with their own data stores, warehouses and analytics tools for a truly tailored and comprehensive market perspective.

Existing clients of Vortexa can access instant support via the desktop platform, via the app by clicking on App Settings or by reaching out to their dedicated product specialist. 

Individuals who are not yet clients of Vortexa, are welcome to visit the Contact us page for further information or technologically related queries.

Vortexa operates worldwide. 
Our headquarters are based in London, UK with further offices in Singapore and Houston, US. 

We are always on a lookout for the top talent to join our team! You can browse current openings and apply via our Careers page.

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