Innovation Week

Innovation Week 2022 London
Freight Day
We invited cargo charterers, shipowners, analysts and traders to experience Vortexa next-gen freight analytics up close during our dedicated freight day.
Energy Day
The attendees experienced Vortexa next-gen energy flows up close during our dedicated energy day, with key industry names who discussed the latest energy outlooks during our in-depth panels.
Customer Day
We hosted 6 interactive demo stations, with our product experts on hand to demonstrate capabilities, answer questions and help our attendees get the most from the experience.

Key takeaways from Energy Day at Vortexa Innovation Week

On 14 September, together with our partners from Rystad Energy and Argus Media, we showed over 150 slides to our highly engaged audience (thank you!) in London Shoreditch. Four panels on the different market segments were followed by intense Q&A sessions -we summarise the top talking points in this blog.

Takeaways from Innovation Week 2022
Innovation Week 2022 featured interactive demos, exclusive content from industry experts and use cases for the freight and energy markets, as well as networking events taking place in London, Houston and Singapore!
Freight & Energy Innovations
Exclusive Content from Industry Experts
Freight & Energy Innovation Stations
Panels Freight & Energy Industry Experts

Innovation Week 2022 Speakers

Fabio Kuhn
CEO & Founder, Vortexa
Mark Jackson
CEO, The Baltic Exchange
David Wech
Chief Economist, Vortexa
Ioannis Papadimitriou
Senior Freight Analyst, Vortexa
Pamela Munger
Senior Market Analyst, Vortexa
Gernot Ruppelt
Chief Commercial Officer & SVP, Ardmore Shipping
Alfonso Berrocal
Business Development Manager, Middle distillates and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), Argus Media
Arthur Richier
Head of Strategic Partnerships, Vortexa
Henry Curra
Global Head of Research, Braemar
Jorge León
Senior Vice President, Rystad Energy
Janiv Shah
Senior Downstream Analyst, Rystad Energy
Jay Maroo
Lead Crude Analyst, Vortexa
Edward Smith
Product Specialist, Vortexa
Armen Azizian
Crude Oil Analyst, Vortexa
Shariq Manji
Product Management Lead, Vortexa
Ron Crean
VP, Business Development & Growth, Windward
Stefano Grasso
Portfolio Manager, 8vantedge
Anoop Singh
Head of Tanker Research, Braemar
Ayca Rodop
VP Market Intelligence, Analytics & Customer Experience