Added Mar 28, 2018

Bahrain sends more jet fuel westwards in March

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At least three cargoes of clean petroleum product (CPP) were exported from Bahrain to west of Suez destinations in March—slightly higher than in previous months according to observed flows from Vortexa.

Bahrain’s state-owned refiner Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) typically exports a small number of CPP cargoes from its 260,000 b/d Sitra refinery to west of Suez destinations each month, most of which is jet fuel, in addition to other refined oil products. March-loaded exports to the wider European region appear to be at a multi-month high.

This month, Bahrain’s Sitra port exported volumes aboard the long-range (LR1)-type vessel Lilac Victoria and LR2 Energy Centaur, which both headed to Italy’s Fiumicino. Most of Fiumicino’s jet/kero imports are sourced from the Mideast Gulf region, according to historical flow data.

The BP-chartered LR1 Breezy Victoria loaded jet fuel and is currently heading through the Suez Canal. It is expected to head to northwest Europe.

Bahrain’s jet fuel exports head primarily to the Mideast Gulf region, but it also sends a sizeable amount to the European region. The country exports most of its diesel/gasoil to the Mideast Gulf, Africa and Asia-Pacific regions.

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