Added May 17, 2018

Chile diversifies clean oil product imports

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Chile has imported clean oil products this year from some more atypical suppliers, observed flows show, including from the European and Asia-Pacific regions.

Spain exported clean oil products to Chile after not having done so since at least the beginning of 2015, according to Vortexa’s observed flows. At the end of April, the medium-range (MR)-sized tanker Ibis Pacific delivered to ports in Chile after loading in Algeciras.

A provisional fixture on a similar route had emerged in September last year, when a tanker was booked to load 37,000t of gasoline from Bilbao to Chile – but this was subsequently failed.

Clean oil products moving directly from Europe to Chile are unusual, with only a small number of such deliveries seen in the past few years.

Chile also imported clean oil products from China each month in the first quarter, another unusual flow compared with previous years.

Three clean oil product cargoes that loaded from China’s Dalian arrived at various ports in Chile aboard medium-range (MR)-sized tankers during mid-January and early March this year.

Chile’s diesel/gasoil and gasoline/component imports are sourced in large part from the US, with some supply from Japan and South Korea, and smaller volumes from elsewhere.

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