Added Jun 19, 2018

Diesel VLCC begins STS transfers in Med

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The newly built VLCC tanker Maran Aphrodite discharged part of its diesel cargo via ship-to-ship (STS) transfer offshore Malta.

Vortexa data shows that the Histria Crown moved off from the Maran Aphrodite on 19 June, although the tankers have yet to update their draught levels post-STS operation.

Provisional shipping fixtures showed Total placing the Histria Crown on subjects to load around 30,000t of clean product via STS transfer from Malta during mid-June, for delivery to Naples. The tanker is not yet broadcasting a final destination, so could discharge at another Mediterranean port.

The Maran Aphrodite loaded from the Asia Pacific region in late April and on 12 June signalled Malta as its destination.

The tanker had previously broadcast Gibraltar, Southwold, New York and Rotterdam as discharge locations.

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