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Added Feb 8, 2021

Event highlights: Javascript Live

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As part of The Live Series, Vortexa Lead Engineer Seán Barry, was asked to present lessons learnt from building a high volume data processing pipeline in JavaScript.

Seán discussed how building stateless services allows you to easily scale and maximise throughput, how to replicate complex pipelines of microservices locally for development and testing, and how important it is to collect telemetry and alert on failures.


Key highlights:

  • Vortexa tracks almost $2tn cargo globally, with realtime data sources such as satellites, port agents, and industry partners (to name a few). This data has to go somewhere, leading to our core dataset of ~175Bn different datapoints with approx. 110m added every day.
  • Engineering challenges: a fast-scaling company comes with having to adapt quick and onboard new team members effectively; performance and making sure it’s maintained even through the heaviest of queries and processes; and seamless usability of the platform for customers.
  • Pushing the boundaries with JavaScript. We have taken JavaScript beyond just the web browser and have used it to build some complex pipelines that process large volumes of data.
  • Why build in JavaScript? We have a pool of skilled engineers already entrenched in JavaScript using it daily, a ready-designed ecosystem of shared utility functions and interfaces that we need, and it is a great way for our engineers to upskill in other areas, such as data engineering.

Watch the full webinar above to discover how our talented Application Development Team (ADT) tackle challenges in JavaScript to maintain the incredible processing power that is the backbone of Vortexa. Download the slides from the webinar here.


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