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Fuel For Thought: Exclusive Content Series

Vortexa are proud to announce the launch of a new content series, Fuel For Thought, a hub for knowledge and inside information for the energy industry. Join our analysts, engineers, data scientists and developers as they discuss the latest news and market trends, changes within the industry, useful tips and tricks, and interviews with top industry members.

We will be covering topics such as oil trading and flows, floating storage, tanker analytics and tracking, and adapting to a post-Coronavirus world.




On-Demand Webinar: Floating Storage Analysis

With the affects of Covid-19 reaching all around the globe, it is clear that floating storage is becoming a prevalent topic within the industry. Join us for an in-depth analysis of global floating storage and the part it plays in the current market.

Presented by Vortexa Market Analysts, this is a 15 minute discussion of the current dynamics of floating storage, commercial viability and what it means for the crude oil industry.

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Your Presenters:

Ayca Rodop, Head of Market Research

Jay Maroo, Senior Market Analyst

Serena Huang, Lead Analyst Asia-Pacific


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Jul 2, 2020

Vortexa Snapshot: Corpus Christi exports to China fade

Corpus Christi emerged as a top exporter to China in early Q2, but a number of factors are combining to suggest that flow may have peaked in the near term.

Jul 1, 2020

Webinar: Is China’s appetite for US crude sustainable?

Join Vortexa Product Specialist Conor Stone and Lead Market Analyst Will Coleman as they delve deep into the dynamics of US crude imports and exports an the recent changes we've seen in this 30 minute webinar. Register now!

Jul 1, 2020

Vortexa Snapshot: US marine fuels share rises in Panama

The share of US marine fuels arriving into the global bunkering and storage hub Panama rose sharply during H1, following the shift to IMO-compliant marine fuels.

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