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  • Spain took in 260,000 b/d of Libyan crude in Q2 2019, more than a 3-year high, according to Vortexa data, reaching close to 300,000 b/d on a monthly basis in April.                                                                                 
  • Libya took the top spot among Spain’s crude origins in Q2, moving ahead of other top suppliers Mexico and Nigeria, the Mideast Gulf and Russia/Kazakhstan (with smaller volumes from elsewhere).                                                
  • Out of Spain’s 2019 Libyan crude intake, top grades are Es Sider (35%), Sharara (20%), Brega (17%), and smaller amounts of other Libyan grades.                                                     
  • The Libyan increase comes with the Opec country’s rising output⁠⁠, leading to fiercer competition among regional competing grades. Spain also halted Iranian intake from October 2018 due to the renewal of sanctions.                                                 
  • Libyan crude exports hit a year-to-date high of over 1.2mn b/d in April, while July’s rate is expected to come below this. Spain’s Libyan inflows are seen around a preliminary 150,000 b/d in July. 


Nov 14, 2019

Vortexa makes global oil & gas data available through AWS Data Exchange

Vortexa oil supply data is now available on AWS Data Exchange for traders, analysts, data scientists, and other industry participants.

Nov 13, 2019

Vortexa Snapshot: Diesel-laden VLCC begins discharge in Med

A newbuild VLCC has begun discharging diesel via ship to ship (STS) transfer offshore Malta.

Nov 7, 2019

Vortexa Snapshot: Colombian diesel exports to USA accelerate in 2019

Colombian diesel exports to the US rose to a multiyear high of just under 50,000 b/d in October.

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