Added Mar 5, 2018

LR2 of Indian gasoline points to Europe

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A long-range (LR2) vessel carrying gasoline/blending components from India’s western Sikka port is heading towards the Suez Canal, for potential delivery in the European region.

The Bow Pioneer loaded from the Reliance Jamnagar terminal in Sikka on 2 March. The vessel has yet to broadcast a specific end-destination, but could discharge in the European or Mediterranean region, as previous such voyages, albeit relatively irregular, have done.

An associated shipping fixture that appeared on 13 February showed Koch booking the vessel to load 60,000t of gasoline from Sikka on 26 February – 3 March, with a discharge option of UK-Continent.

India’s primary regional market for gasoline/blending components is the Middle East, with regular outflows also to Asia-Pacific and North America.

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