Added Feb 28, 2018

Venezuela imports clean product cargoes from UK

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Venezuela could receive another clean oil product delivery from the UK —likely gasoline/blending components —as it continues to supplement its diet of regional product imports from those further afield due to domestic refinery shortages.

The UK exported at least one other clean product shipment likely to be gasoline/blending components to Venezuela earlier this year, when the vessel Gan-Tribute loaded from Immingham and co-discharged at Venezuela’s Puerto La Cruz and El Palito ports towards the end of January.

Most recently, the vessel Ridgebury Cindy A loaded from Immingham on 20 February and is underway, signalling El Palito in Venezuela, with a current forecasted arrival around 7-8 March. Both these vessels loaded from the Associated Petroleum Terminal (APT) at Immingham, and associated shipping fixtures showed them provisionally chartered to load gasoline.

In 2018 so far Venezuela has also taken delivery of what are likely gasoline/blending component cargoes from the Mediterranean region, including from Aliaga in Turkey.

Venezuelan state-owned PDVSA’s clean product deliveries —including gasoline and diesel — have tightened dramatically because of refinery damage and its ongoing financial crisis.

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