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Vortexa makes global oil & gas data available through AWS Data Exchange

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Press Release

Vortexa makes global oil & gas data available through AWS Data Exchange

Thursday, 14 November, 2019

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  • Vortexa oil supply data is now available on AWS Data Exchange for traders, analysts, data scientists, and other industry participants.
  • Using its energy industry expertise and proprietary technology, Vortexa delivers global seaborne trade flows for crude oil, refined oil products and LPG at an unprecedented scale on AWS Data Exchange.
  • Vortexa is creating the most complete view of oil supply today, empowering market participants to make better decisions and driving greater market efficiency.

14th November, 2019 - London - Vortexa, the energy intelligence provider delivering one of the most comprehensive views of waterborne crude oil and refined oil products available globally, has announced today that a selection of its extensive fundamental energy data will now be also delivered through AWS Data Exchange and the AWS Marketplace. The availability of this data provides its growing client base around the world a new cloud-native way to quickly and easily integrate Vortexa’s data into their analytics and applications running on AWS.

In energy markets today, there remains a massive information gap – access to trusted and timely data is limited.  Energy market participants are continuously required to make high-stake decisions. It is essential for them to have the most complete and the Highest quality of information available, when they need to act.

“In an increasingly fast-moving energy market characterised by intense competition, profit margins are defined by the information edge,” said Fabio Kuhn, Founder and CEO of Vortexa. “We combine proprietary deep tech and market expertise to provide our clients with actionable insights before anyone else.”

AWS Data Exchange is a new service that makes it easy for millions of AWS customers to securely find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud. By making global oil and gas data available in AWS Data Exchange, Vortexa is able to help traders, market analysts, quantitative traders, and data scientists spot emerging trends or reversals in the oil markets as well as to identify where prices are diverging from supply fundamentals in key trading hubs.

“We use state-of-the art data science and engineering to process data on a massive scale, especially from satellites, to create the most complete information about oil tankers and aggregated energy flows data available in the world today,” continued Kuhn. “Leveraging AWS Data Exchange as a distribution channel allows us to easily and effectively distribute cuts of our data to technical users from energy trading companies, brokerage houses, shipping companies and hedge fund managers already using AWS."

In opaque energy markets, intelligence is paramount. Physical traders use Vortexa data to stay on top of the actions of other market participants and identify new arbitrage opportunities through flows monitoring. Shipping market players can better plan their timings and optimise their portfolio using our vessel-by-vessel availability data.

Vortexa’s launch in AWS Data Exchange includes over 40 products, including a free sample product covering waterborne exports and imports of crude oil and refined products across the globe. The datasets in these products cover a two-year period and are updated on a weekly basis.

“The availability of robust data sets across categories like oil and gas can help customers worldwide make more informed decisions,” said Stephen Orban, General Manager, AWS Data Exchange, Amazon Web Services, Inc. "We are delighted to welcome Vortexa on AWS Data Exchange to help our mutual customers in the energy sector harness the power of AWS and build smarter applications and innovate faster." 

AWS Data Exchange enables a “fire-and-forget” approach, where each dataset is imported by Vortexa once, for the consumption by multiple customers. As a result, our possible export failures and system maintenance costs in general are greatly reduced and we can service a large number of customers at scale,” said Maksym Schipka, CTO of Vortexa. “With AWS’s ability to standardise on a simple set of APIs to access various data sources in a unified way, as well as the simplicity of the onboarding process, high availability, scalability, and a simple purchasing process, choosing AWS Data Exchange was a no-brainer. Our customers now only have to learn one API to access a multitude of data sets, with all the billing being handled by AWS Marketplace”

Vortexa is a fast-growing team of 41 consisting of the very best data scientists, engineers and energy analysts in the industry. They are headquartered in London with offices in Singapore and soon Houston.


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For more information on Vortexa, visit, browse AWS Data Exchange for Vortexa’s data, and find Vortexa on LinkedIn.


About Vortexa

Vortexa tracks more than $7 trillion per year of seaborne energy flows around the world - in real time. Vortexa’s intuitive analytics platform allows traders, market analysts, brokers, charterers and data scientists to see cargo movements and make informed trading and shipping decisions, faster. The web-based platform shares highly detailed crude and refined oil products flows, which are produced by hard data, machine learning and other state-of-the-art technology combined with the close oversight of senior energy market experts.

Vortexa provides the most comprehensive and accurate view of waterborne crude and refined oil product flows available today. Founded by Fabio Kuhn, former Head of Trading Technology and Analytics at BP, who serves as CEO, and Etienne Amic, former Head of European Energy at JP Morgan and Mercuria, who acts as Chairman, they have offices in London, Singapore and soon Houston.

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