Added Jun 5, 2019

Alaskan Crude Interest Rises

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Alaskan Crude Interest Rises

  • Seaborne outflows of Alaskan crude (including to elsewhere in the US) have held steady in the past few years, posting a small tick upwards in Q1. 
  • Amid a global tighter medium/heavy crude market (OPEC cuts; sanctions), interest has firmed in medium sour Alaska North Slope (ANS) crude in Q2. 
  • Two ANS exports towards South Korea observed so far in 2019 – a Suezmax departure in May (yet to arrive - it originally signalled for China), and an Aframax delivery to Daesan in late-April. Another ANS cargo went to Daesan in December.
  • Almost all ANS delivered to PADD 5 in 2019 so far, movements to Asia much more occasional. 

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