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ULCC in Malaysia


In Brief:

  • The Euronav-owned ULCC Oceania, laden with largely low sulphur fuel oil and blend components, has arrived in the Sungai Linggi area off Malaysia, Vortexa tracking show.
  • The Oceania received its products, mostly while stationed off Malta between March and July, from origins including Antwerp, Genoa, Abidjan, Pascagoula, Rotterdam and Haifa. It also took on a cargo of North Sea Kraken crude.
  • The laden passage of the ULCC to Malaysia was done under slow steaming of around 8 knots, travelling around the Cape, as contango market structure on the 0.5% market incentivised a slower journey.
  • Euronav has deployed the ULCC as floating storage to supply its fleet with low sulphur bunker fuel ahead of tightening specifications from 2020 onwards.
  • The arrival of the Oceania to Malaysia at the end of September further boosts the availability of low-sulphur bunker fuels, amid growing floating fuel oil storage across Singapore/Malaysia. 
  • Market participants expect vessels without scrubbers to switch away from high sulphur fuel oil (HSFO) to the new 0.5% mandated specification throughout the fourth quarter, to iron out any potential issues ahead of the December 31st hard stop on HSFO use.

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