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On 14 July 2020, we held a webinar discussing the dynamics of US crude exports to China and what predictions we can make from the data. Joined by Product Specialist Conor Stone & Lead Market Analyst Will Holeman, you can now watch the webinar on-demand below.

Watch on-demand now

The main talking points covered in the session included:

  • US crude export markets & fundamentals
  • Refinery runs
  • Specific flows to East Asia and China
  • Imports from a Chinese perspective
  • Freight implications
  • Tanker fundamentals
  • Looking to the future


Key Takeaways

Conor and Will outlined three key messages to take away from the webinar:

  1. US crude fundamentals are shifting through the balance of the year likely to create challenges for exports.
  2. The spike in US crude exports to China was primarily opportunistic and arbitrage-driven supported by favourable fundamentals.
  3. There may be some unique opportunities given VLCC freight is likely to remain pressured going forward


To experience the data used in the webinar and more, please get in touch with us and request a demo of the Vortexa platform today.



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