Tear down this wall, energy experts start coding

Tear down this wall, energy experts start coding

Vortexa launch easy-accessible Jupyter Notebooks throughout PythonSDK documentation.

19 January, 2021
Vortexa Analysts
Vortexa Analysts

Behind me stands a wall that encircles the techies of this world, part of a vast system of barriers that divides the professional workforce between those who code, and those who do not.

It is unfortunate that learning to code often begins with the barrier-to-entry that is creating venvs, hosting servers, writing lockfiles?

To achieve our goals in this changing energy industry, we must tear down this wall. It must be trivially easy for experts in all fields to start writing scripts, with the same comfort they’re accustomed to when writing word documents, slide decks, or spreadsheets.

Brilliant ideas are spawned at the intersection of different disciplines. By removing the barrier to entry we allow domain experts to exercise the power of Python.


People walking up hill, having only seen water and sand before.

Brilliant things come from the spreading of ideas. Source: https://xkcd.com/

It was this thinking that led us to embed Jupyter Notebooks throughout our PythonSDK documentation.

How do I open up a Jupyter Notebook Python environment in my browser?

Step 1. Open the PythonSDK docs

Step 2. Click any ‘try-me-out‘ button to launch a Jupyter Notebook in your browser.

That’s it!

You’ll then have a notebook in your browser, pre-populated with all the requirements to explore the world’s global waterborne oil & gas data.


Jupyter notebook

Click here to launch this notebook in your browser.

Keep an eye out for ‘try-me-out‘ buttons like these in the SDK docs.

try me out, launch jupyter notebook
Buttons like these throughout the SDK docs will open up Jupyter Notebooks in your browser.
What’s next?

We hope this reduces the any barriers to entry you may face. Welcome to the world of code.

Click here to view the Vortexa PythonSDK documentation.

To turn the odds in your favour in the energy industry, get in touch at vortexa.com

Vortexa Analysts
Vortexa Analysts