Quickly learn to utilise the Vortexa Analytics platform to benefit your trading decisions.

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Course outcomes


Discover the methodologies and sources behind Vortexa data, and how we clearly translate it to our easy-to-use platform


Understand the numerous options for customisability of the Analytics platform to fit perfectly into your workflow


Learn how to generate analysis from our flows, map, and floating storage screens with best practices and special techniques



Where do we get our data from and how do we process it to provide a comprehensive, global view? Discover our methodologies for predictions and apply it to some use cases such as floating storage and cargo movements.
Est time: 5 mins

Platform Customisation


Make the platform your own. Vortexa provides extensive customisable features of the platform so you can make it work best for you.
Est time: 5 mins


Screens & Functionalities

An in-depth look into the screens available on the Analytics platform. Learn how to extract information from the platform in the different screens, from flows to maps, the voyage calculator and more.
Est time: 45 mins

What will I learn?

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to...

  • Extract data from the Analytics platform
  • Understand Vortexa data sources and procedures
  • Incorporate the Analytics platform perfectly into your workflow
  • Analyse and predict global energy flows and movements

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