Making Waves: Your guide to surviving Posidonia 2022

6-10 June, Athens, Greece
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Vortexa launches Freight API and SDK

Enabling real-time access to premium freight intelligence at speed and scale.

Making Waves Posidonia Edition

A collection of thoughts and insights inspired by a community of freight enthusiasts. Our Freight expert Arthur Richier takes you on a journey delivering five episodes covering a range of topics from: Data analytics, freight and oil pricing, sustainability and industry networking.

Posidonia Beats

Having FOMO for not being in Posidonia? No worries we have you covered! Posidonia Beats brings you a live feed from Athens with the latest and greatest of Posidonia as well as any market dynamics

Greek Gods in Athens Talking Freight

Book time and meet with one of our Greek Gods to discuss the latest in the freight market whilst experiencing many of Athens' wonders. Vortexa Freight Gods and will be available throughout Posidonia, June 6-10.

Looking forward to seeing you in Athens!