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Windward Risk Ratings

Gain greater visibility into the risk profiles of vessels across the trading fleet internationally.

• Gain greater visibility into compliance and risk factors across the global tanker fleet.

• Make better informed chartering decisions.

• Stay ahead of the changing regulatory and sanctions landscape.

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Net flows

Better understand historical and forward-looking regional supply & demand patterns.

Get instant view of net cargo flows (imports minus exports) instead of having to go through balance sheets.
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Voyage calculator

De-risk your next oil trade ensuring your transportation logistics are timely.

• Preserve optionality: Compare durations by inputting alternative port, departure time and assumed speed. Our calculator will return the voyage duration and ETA to the hour.

• Minimise demurrage costs: Decide laycan dates by determining the best tanker departure time from any location & calculate the speed required to make your window.

• Optimise terminal operations: Anticipate potential backups and unwanted idle time at your facilities, and coordinate with tanker operators to avoid them.


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