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AI and the future of energy trading

The energy industry has been undergoing a seismic shift driven by information.

Technology breakthroughs such as reusable rocket launching, lower-cost satellites, cloud-scale computational power and a step-change in machine learning modelling, has provided us with a vast amount of new information about the state and flow of energy on Earth.

Vortexa Co-Founders, Fabio Kuhn (CEO), and  Etienne Amic (Ex-Chairman), who share a deep understanding of the energy market and a mutual passion for tech, saw a major inflexion point in the industry, leading to a new era of opportunities.


Image: CEO, Fabio Kuhn & Ex-Chairman, Etienne Amic

Etienne, who holds a PhD in Quantum and Theoretical Physics, has witnessed first-hand the powerful combination of advanced quantitative analysis and trading while running the European trading business of JP Morgan and Mercuria. Etienne is now the CEO of VAKT, a blockchain-powered post-trade management platform.

Fabio ran the global front office Trading Technology Programme and Innovation Group at BP in London and was previously at Uniper’s trading arm in Germany. His experience in the energy industry, along with several years as a statistical arbitrage trader at a hedge fund in San Francisco, led him to realise that, for the first time, it is possible to use new data streams and AI to close the massive information gap between the physical world and the energy trading desk.

“Our mission – to open, connect and optimise the energy world"

Since Fabio and Etienne started Vortexa in early 2016, the fast-growing team of engineers, data scientists, and market analysts have been creating a best-in-class system of data and analytics tools with the most complete view of global flows of oil & gas, delivered in real-time.

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Today, some of the smartest and most successful physical and financial energy traders and analysts use Vortexa's trusted data and analytics to identify and capture opportunities in the market before anyone else.

The world-class team today remains guided by its founding mission to open, connect and optimise energy flows by combining its pioneering technology and industry expertise, and our story has just begun.


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