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Maximise trading profits

Effortlessly visualise and quantify changing supply-demand conditions across all energy products and slice the data in a way significant to you: from cargo, vessel or geography standpoint. Pair it with advanced freight analytics to determine best buyers and sellers for any given shipment.

Minimise trading risk

Anticipate future product/freight price changes between regions, countries and ports. Forecast operational costs accurately and factor in constraints with the potential to affect your trades, from political sanctions to environmental regulations. Secure cargo delivery at reasonable cost.

Accelerate time-to-market

Concentrate your time on tasks that carry the most impact. We will aggregate, analyse and present you with actionable data in a way that seamlessly blends into your workflow, allowing you to develop and implement trading strategies for multiple commodities at once.

Get full picture that you can trust, in real-time

Access 99% market coverage, backed by 100s of commercial partnerships and enhanced by proprietary tools, including live diversions detection and ship-to-ship transfers (STS). Track any product by grade and any tanker down to 5000dwt.

Forecast accurately, identify trends early and plan for the win

Draw parallels between flows, freight and pricing confidently thanks to the granularity and volume of the data available; Utilise Windward risk ratings, Voyage Calculator, weather overlay; Filter tankers by age and scrubber status.

Make data work in favour of your strengths

Fortify in-house datasets with direct feed from our API and build custom models with Vortexa Python SDK. Monitor the market via Vortexa Analytics interface, customised to display the key data for you.

Make high-stakes trading decisions with confidence

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Why Vortexa Analytics?

Leading commercial intelligence sources

Our team of 30+ data scientists, 60+ engineers and 15+ analysts rely on 24/7 streaming from over 150 satellites and a network of over 100 industry data sources to provide you with the most reliable physical energy flow insights on the planet.

Powered by AI, curated by industry experts

Our machine-learning state-of-the-art AI technology models historical and current data at scale, with oversight from our in-house team of global industry experts to plug the information gap and provide the most comprehensive picture of the market landscape.

Full technical flexibility

Data insights can be extracted from the analytics platform straight into Excel or plugged directly into data streams via Vortexa’s API or Python SDK. Our nested API data structure allows us to represent dynamic data without sacrificing detail.

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The latest news

Oct 8, 2021
Event News

In this webinar, Vortexa’s Lead Analyst, Serena Huang, China Market Analyst, Emma Li, and Lead Freight Analyst, Arthur Richier, discussed some new opportunities and trading strategies that have evolved as a result of this new oil regime.

Sep 22, 2021
Event News

In this webinar, Vortexa’s Senior Freight Analyst Arthur Richier and Freight Analyst Ioannis Papadimitriou deep-dive into whether optimism for recovery is well-placed, or if market fundamentals are likely to falter and the carefully stacked house of cards is likely to topple. 

Sep 20, 2021
Oil & Gas

OPEC+ crude exports strongly disappoint with the exception only of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. On products, lofty prices are inciting spikes in flows, but available volumes may not be enough.


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