From basics to advanced, this course will harness programming skills with Vortexa's SDK to extract, integrate, and analyse data.

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Course outcomes


Understand basic programming concepts common to all languages, and implement them into Python


Be aware of Vortexa API datasets and become familiar with using the Python SDK to access real-time data


Work with examples of obtaining, manipulating, and visualising data using Vortexa's Python SDK and more

Python mock-up-11

Python basics & data structures

Students are introduced to the core fundamentals of programming in Python: sequencing, selection, iteration, data structures and functions. Learn how to use NumPy and Pandas modules to store, manipulate, and extract insights from data.


Processing & visualising data

Students learn to pull data from the Vortexa API, with examples of manipulating and plotting cargo movements data. Gain a firm grounding in using the Geographies, Products and Vessels endpoints.


Cargo movements & time series

Build further SDK skills, while exploring the functionality of the Cargo Movements endpoint using filtered queries. Modules will introduce the Cargo Time Series endpoint for aggregated flows data with new techniques for manipulating and visualising data.


Advanced analytics

Apply all the techniques developed in previous lessons to examples of higher-level data analysis with hypothesis testing and predictive modelling.

What will I learn?

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to...

  • Understand the basic programming concepts & implement these in Python
  • Recognise the different ways that data can be stored and extracted using Python
  • Obtain, manipulate, and visualise data from the Vortexa SDK

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