Added Jul 12, 2021

Event highlights: the effect of analytics on the maritime industry

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On the 8th July, Shipping Professional Network of London (SPNL) hosted an industry leading panel with Freight Analytics Partner, Vortexa.

Joined by panellists Vortexa Freight Analyst, Ioannis Papadimitriou, Peninsula Sustainability Desk Rep, Michail Begleris, Galbraiths Research Analyst, Anastasia Zania, and ENI Shipping & Trading Trading Analyst, Fotis Kalathas, explored how advanced analytics can impact chartering strategies and the maritime industry as a whole.


During the session, panellists discussed:

  • Where the need for analytics within the maritime industry came from originally, and has that accessibility created a level playing field
  • How analytics have been incorporated into everyday workflows 
  • What further growth can be seen in analytics and how that will shape the future of the industry
  • If analytics either helped or hindered the industry during global events such as the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Areas of the shipping and chartering industries that are ripe for analytics to grow and positively influence

Watch the full session above.

Thankfully, Vortexa Freight Analytics allows industry players to enhance their chartering strategies and get the complete global picture. Discover more about our freight analytics offering here.

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