Added Jun 17, 2021

Vortexa Launches Game-Changer Freight Analytics Bringing Unparalleled Market Edge to Charterers, Traders & Shipowners

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Vortexa Freight Analytics is set to become the critical decision tool for shipping market players to identify, capture and optimise trading opportunities at unheard levels of speed, accuracy and foresight.

London, UK - 17th June 2021 - Vortexa, a leading energy and shipping analytics platform, combining AI and deep industry expertise to provide the most complete real-time data and analytics tools for waterborne energy and shipping markets, is delighted to announce the launch of a suite of brand new Freight Analytics screens providing past, present and future views of the supply and demand across all tanker classes globally.

The highly intuitive screens, including Vessel Availability, Congestion, Fleet Distribution and Fleet Utilisation surface clear, reliable and accurate data analysis and insights in real-time, allowing charterers, traders and ship owners to make high-stakes decisions in the shipping markets with confidence, seizing market opportunities before others. 

Vortexa’s clients can instantly understand changes in global freight supply and demand in real time to significantly strengthen their hand in the market. Charterers can accurately time chartering decisions, capture the best vessels in the market, minimise demurrage costs and optimise operations. Shipowners can evaluate supply and demand market dynamics to enhance fleet positioning and identify emerging freight trading opportunities. Traders can quickly identify early indicators of physical movements that will inevitably impact prices and influence time-sensitive decisions ahead of the energy markets. 

Vortexa’s CEO, Fabio Kuhn said: ‘’Our next-generation of freight analytics will be a major source of competitive advantage to charterers, ship owners and traders. We are very excited to level up the shipping markets to the frontier of what’s possible today with deep technology and advanced industry expertise.’’ 

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About Vortexa

Vortexa tracks more than $1.8 trillion of waterborne energy trades per year in real-time, providing energy and shipping companies with the most complete picture of global energy flows available in the world today. Vortexa’s highly intuitive platform with programmatic API/SDK interfaces help traders, analysts and charterers make high-value trading decisions with confidence when it matters the most.

Download the full press release here. 

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