Added Jun 10, 2020

Watch now: Evaluating Asia Demand Recovery Trends with Vortexa's Python SDK

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Join our presenters, Lead Market Analyst Serena Huang and Senior Data Scientist Kit Burgess, as they uncover recent Asia demand recovery trends using Vortexa's Software Development Kit (SDK).

Serena and Kit analysed clean products floating storage trends and imports by key Asia markets, in search of signs of demand recovery supported by the reopening of economies post Coronavirus pandemic.

To see the full analysis and demo of the SDK, watch the webinar on-demand below.


Watch on demand

Key Takeaways:

  • Global clean products floating storage inventories have risen sharply since March, peaking in mid-May, driven by a supply glut in the market as a result of demand destruction from the Coronavirus outbreak
  • Recent declines in the clean floating storage inventories signal an onset of a market rebalancing, led by lower refinery runs and a global demand recovery
  • In Asia, gasoline and diesel posted the highest floating storage inventories. While gasoline floating inventories have seen a draw-down in recent weeks, diesel inventories remain high – a reflection of a persistent oversupply in the region
  • Within Asia, a rise in diesel imports by several key import markets signals a demand recovery supported by the lifting of travel restrictions and ramp up of industrial activities
  • Demand recovery should be balanced against higher refinery supply to support the ongoing market rebalancing and product margins recovery

To see our SDK examples, head to our Github repository. If you'd like to see the Vortexa platform in action, contact our team and request a demo.


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