Onshore Crude Inventories

Tap into global crude inventory insights with a uniquely detailed and complete view of stored volume at scale.
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Comprehensive, real time global view of crude stocks

Vortexa onshore crude inventory analytics offer in-depth insights into global crude stock levels. Covering 22,500+ storage tanks with 6.8 billion+ barrels across 120+ countries, our platform provides granular details down to the terminal level through robust aggregations.

Our Cushing inventory data is published twice a week, preceding the official EIA storage figures, allowing you multiple opportunities to make a position ahead of the EIA weekly statistics.

Onshore crude stocks
Cushing inventories
Real-time and detailed coverage

Optimise assets and trade strategies by monitoring shifts in crude inventory, enabling a thorough global and regional assessment of supply and demand dynamics, with ability to view aggregations by time, location, owner, and tank-type.

Comprehensive floating and fixed roof tanks coverage

Get detailed tank insights into barrels, down to the terminal level, coming in and out of Cushing. Our Cushing inventories data is published twice a week, ahead of the official release of EIA storage numbers, and has a 98% correlation with US EIA weekly stocks.

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