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We make it our mission to open the world of information across all energy flows.

The How

Big data insights that shape the market

A unique combination of deep tech and domain expertise gives you the data and insights to optimise your business. We connect energy and freight market participants to help them make better decisions on the allocation and trade of energy globally, delivering significant economical and ecological benefits to the market participants and society at large.

Physical trading
Financial trading
Physical trading

Identify arbitrage opportunities and discover the right buyers and sellers for spot and term contracts.


Inspect changing market conditions to secure the lowest freight rates, enhance your fleet positioning and understand peer activity.

Financial trading

Assess physical market movements that affect prices of energy derivatives and anticipate long or short positions on commodity futures.

Our products
Energy Flows Analytics
Vortexa’s energy flows data and analytics suite provides complete global waterborne oil & gas flows across time, for any location, fleet, charterer and more.
Freight Analytics
Vortexa’s market-leading Freight Analytics suite provides key demand and supply indicators: availability, utilisation, distribution and congestion, as well as freight pricing and a pricing outlook.
Inventories Analytics
Vortexa's Onshore Crude and Offshore Floating Storage Inventories analytics supply the most complete, fast, and accurate data on global crude and oil product levels.
Three-step data processing
Data partnerships
Our products combine real-time data from 1,000+ satellites and terrestrial AIS receivers, 400+ billion AIS pings, and 100+ market data sources globally.
Deep-domain technology
Advanced artificial intelligence speeds up big data analysis and is constantly learning to draw high accuracy predictive patterns.
Human intelligence
All of our data is validated by in-house industry experts including market analysts, data scientists and technical engineers.

Energy expert community

Our global market analysis team provides Vortexa clients with bespoke market research and advisory services, allowing them to draw the highest value from the proprietary datasets and provide context to data trends.

Vortexa Academy

Level up your trading & analysis skills, learning from the leading experts in energy & shipping.


Explore digital and in-person events led by global industry experts.

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