Powerful Energy Flows Analytics

Drive your commodities analysis with precise real-time data.
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Capture the full picture of energy market fundamentals

Vortexa enables energy and freight market participants to access the most complete real-time view of energy flows. Gain access to cargo and voyage details of 99% of all waterborne oil and gas movements, covering even the smallest vessel class.

Our data is produced by advanced AI models overseen and curated by analyst experts
. Vortexa energy flow analytics delivers transparency and data accuracy to daily trading operations driving efficiency and gains to commodity markets.

Our product coverage

  • Crude Oil
  • Clean Petroleum Products (CPP)
  • Dirty Petroleum Products (DPP)
  • LPG
  • LNG
  • Energy Flows API & SDK
Energy flows
Cargo movements
Complete oil & gas flows

Capture complete global waterborne oil & gas flows across time, for any location, fleet, charterer and more. Drill down to cargo and voyage level detail for 12 distinct oil & gas commodity groups on 12,000+ vessels.

Comprehensive cargo intelligence

Grasp the most comprehensive intelligence for all cargo and voyage movement activity: follow STS chains, co-loads of product and location, diversions and more.

Data validation
Future flows
Predictive data
Trusted data and model accuracy

Access a rich suite of analytics powered by data from 100+ trusted sources and extremely accurate models, overseen by a team of global industry experts.

A powerful future view

Gain a first-mover advantage on future activity by leveraging our predicted forward movements, split by any commodity product and location.

Predictive data

Remove guesswork on cargo and vessel activity by using our predictive analytics to shine a light on all corners of the market.

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Python SDK
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Excel add-in
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Web application
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Our methodology

Our breakdown on how we get the global data picture of waterborne, offshore and onshore energy.