Vortexa Academy

Level up your trading & analysis skills learning from leading experts in the energy and shipping industry.
Free, flexible learning
Easy-to-follow, video-led courses curated by industry professionals. Complete courses in your own time, at your own pace.
Develop critical skills
Develop a strong understanding of data science and advanced your analytical skills to make trading decisions with confidence.
Data straight from the source
Learn using real-life data straight from our platform and API to understand wider energy industry dynamics and trading ideologies.
Python for the Energy Industry
Develop fundamental skills to understand coding in python. From basics to advanced, this course will harness programming skills with Vortexa's SDK to extract, integrate, and analyse data.
What you’ll learn:
Understand the basic programming concepts & implement these in Python
Recognise the different ways that data can be stored and extracted using Python
Obtain, manipulate, and visualise data from the Vortexa SDK
Intro to Energy Flows and Inventories Analytics
Discover best practices and effective methodologies to draw conclusions faster with the Analytics platform. Customise the platform to fit your workflow.
What you’ll learn:
Extract data from the Analytics platform
Understand Vortexa data sources and procedures
Incorporate the Analytics platform perfectly into your workflow
Analyse and predict global energy flows and movements

As a premium oil & gas intelligence company, we not only have access to numerous commercial data sources, but also the world’s leading talent in data science, machine learning and AI. Our courses were created by the same experts who built Vortexa’s Python SDK and are the backbone of Vortexa; using Python daily to solve a wide range of queries from clients in the financial, physical and shipping sectors.

By taking our course you are learning first-hand from the experts in your industry and get access to their advice and support when solving your own queries.

– Data scientists, engineers, and analysts can unlock new levels of enriched data detail with our Software Development Kit (SDK)

– Efficiently explore the world’s waterborne oil movements, and build custom models & reports with minimum setup cost

– Create quicker and more complex visualizations than using Excel

Our online learning platform is free for all Vortexa Analytics customers and trial users. To request a trial and get full access to Vortexa Academy, including 1:1 tutor support, register your interest via the form above. One of our team members will be in touch shortly to discuss your fit for the free trial.

No! The course is designed for a range of students, including those with no programming experience. It will develop up to more advanced concepts and so is also appropriate for students with basic Python experience, and those looking to get to grips with the Vortexa SDK.

No, it is possible to follow along with this course and run the Python notebooks in your browser, so installing Python is not required. However, the second video of the course will show you how to install Python if you choose to.

To have access to our API (which you will need to effectively use Vortexa’s SDK to explore our API data), you will need a Global Enterprise Unlimited + API Feed licence. Get in touch with our team to find out more about this licence.

No! All Vortexa clients can undertake the Python for the Energy Industry course. However, in order to implement your new skill set and access our data using the API and SDK, you will need an additional Global Enterprise Unlimited + API Feed licence.