Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) Analytics

Discover the next generation of global LPG flows & freight analytics, tracking propane / butane cargoes.
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Detailed cargo intelligence by grade, tracked to the smallest vessel class

Vortexa LPG analytics provides data on propane vs. butane ratio of LPG cargoes for more than 1,500 gas carriers with no minimum dwt size restrictions.

Backed by over six years of external data in addition to advanced data analytics and machine learning techniques, we strive to give you a comprehensive view of the world’s LPG cargo flows and vessel supply/demand outlook.

Our platform provides real-time diversions monitoring as well as an unmatched coverage of STS operations and sanctioned flows.

Flows analytics
Cargo intelligence
Global LPG flows aggregations

Access current historical, and future global flows for up to 1.5K gas carriers. Monitor ports and terminals with corresponding import/export data. Effortlessly cross-filter data by vessel name, vessel class, location, product down to the grade level, and more.

Historical, live and future movement

Detect evolving market trends by monitoring real-time cargo movements and upcoming destinations. Access detailed insights into voyage activities, including STS (Ship-to-Ship) chains, co-loaded products, locations, diversions, and more. Our platform allow for terminal and vessel-level deep dive with no limitation on minimum vessel size.

Floating storage
30 day rolling set of vessel diversions

Identify key trading opportunities through market shifting diversions, with real-time movement updates on laden and ballast oil and gas carriers across the globe, customisable via filters including product, vessel class and/or geography.

Short-term and long-term insights

Identify changing product demand in real time by gaining insights to daily floating storage volumes around the globe and monitor a list of vessels currently in storage and for how long they have been floating for.

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Our methodology

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