Data API

Easily integrate Vortexa’s rich suite of real-time energy flows, freight & inventory data into your system and realise strategic opportunities before others.

What is Data API?

The Data API is the most powerful way to access our data and the foundation of all Vortexa products. It uses industry standards like HTTP, REST and JSON to provide a flexible and customisable way to query the data and integrate it within your workflow.

Data API Benefits

Customised insights
Get instant, high-scale access to raw data & insights to build a customised view of the energy & freight world. By connecting to APIs you can build custom analytical tools and dashboards tailored to specific trading strategies and requirements.
Significant flexibility
Unlock and integrate the highest level of query flexibility, access most detailed data available and create highly automated data analysis. With the Vortexa API and SDK you will have the agility to respond to changing markets in a timely manner.
Seamless integration
Integrate Vortexa data with your internal ecosystems with clear and up-to-date documentation and swift expert support. APIs facilitate seamless integration between numerous platforms, allowing you to centralise your trading activities and access all necessary information in one place.

Data sources

Quickly access the next generation of global commodity flows, freight and inventories analytics.

Integration overview

Connect Vortexa data with your internal systems at speed and scale.

Ready to get started?

Request a free demo and see our API integration in action. With Vortexa technical support, SDK courses and access to an expert analyst, we have you covered.
Learn more about the Python SDK
Access a collection of tools that lets analysts and data scientists explore our rich data ecosystem with ease, while preserving the power of the API.
Use the Vortexa Academy
Level up your trading & analysis skills learning from leading experts in the energy and shipping industry.
Access API documentation
Learn how to integrate data into your systems with ready-to code scripts and API documentation.
Access real, actionable insights via the API

Save time on data pulling and integration with API access you can save up to 20 hours per week on data collection and analysis.

See our data in action

Unlock the highest level of query flexibility, access our most detailed data and easily integrate with your existing systems.

API data application use cases
Explore key datasets which will help you to answer how physical movements can affect oil prices so you can trade with confidence.
Destination Model Whitepaper
Predicting a tanker’s ultimate destination is a multifaceted challenge that requires the harmonious interplay of cutting-edge technology and deep domain expertise with the skillset and curiosity to decode the patterns hidden within vast streams of data.
Download Whitepaper
Freight Market Outlook Whitepaper
With Freight Market Outlook, you are able to accurately predict the direction of The Baltic Exchange freight rates over the next four business days using today’s prices and real-time supply and demand indicators.
Download Whitepaper
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Efficiently explore global data insights & build custom models & reports
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Our methodology

Our breakdown on how we get the global data picture of waterborne, offshore and onshore energy.