Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)

The next generation of global LNG flows & freight analytics.
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Fully integrated LNG trading and shipping analytics

Discover our unique combination of real-time LNG trade flows and shipping analytics in one quick, easy view. Leading supply indicators such as diversions can be easily extracted alongside the cargo, voyage and commercial details of individual shipments.

Rich data, easy integrations
LNG examples
Commercial intelligence
LNG supply and demand metrics

Access global LNG flows aggregations, including LNG-in-transit and origin/destination trends. Analytics are available on both a cargo-by-cargo and voyage basis.

Commercial intelligence

Discover valuable commercial intelligence to help power your trading decisions – flows and freight analytics can be filtered by charterer as well as effective controller.

LNG shipping dynamics
High-frequency shipping analytics
High-frequency shipping analytics

Master freight supply and demand with Vortexa’s groundbreaking suite of high-frequency Freight Analytics. Access supply indicators for LNG carriers, such as availability and distribution, and demand indicators such as utilisation and tonne-miles.


Find unique, real-time diversions data with movement updates on laden and ballast crude tankers across the globe, allowing a quick understanding of competitive activity and shifting arbitrage opportunities.

Seamless data integration into your systems
Data API
Easily integrate Vortexa's data into your systems at speed and scale
Python SDK
Efficiently explore global data insights & build custom models & reports
Excel add-in
Effortlessly extract data from the analytics platform straight into Excel
Web application
Access best-in-class UX in our cloud-based platform
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