Premium shipping intelligence for charterers, shipowners and freight traders

From global supply and demand fundamentals to granular data on a ship-by-ship basis, Vortexa Freight Analytics is designed with shipping professionals in mind.
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Close your freight information gap

Maximise shipping profits

Find the most suitable vessels and secure the lowest freight rates with the greatest contractual flexibility. Understand the historical context of real-time vessel availability to more accurately time the market.

Minimise freight risk

Analyse freight supply and demand dynamics. Gauge utilisation rates and demand for each vessel class, across all routes. Compare the two to positively reinforce your chartering strategy and negotiations.

Gain market-specific insights

Get insights into coating data and last cargoes carried. Learn about port congestion, anticipate delays, and plan to avoid demurrage costs. Lower your carbon footprint by efficiently planning your voyages.

Key Features


Accurately time your chartering decisions, minimise demurrage costs, observe safety regulations, optimise operations and preserve optionality.


Confidently evaluate supply and demand market dynamics to strengthen your fleet positioning and identify new freight trading opportunities.

Freight traders

Quickly identify early indicators of physical movements that will impact prices and influence high-stakes decisions ahead of your competitors.

Why choose Vortexa?

Leading commercial intelligence sources

Our team of 30+ data scientists, 60+ engineers and 15+ analysts relies on 24/7 streaming from over 150 satellites and a network of over 100 industry data sources to provide you the most reliable freight insights on the planet.

Powered by AI, curated by industry experts

Complex data ecosystem involving multiple types of AI models historical and current data at scale; In-house team monitors and further fortifies the intelligence to plug information gaps, providing a comprehensive picture of the market landscape.

Full technical flexibility

We provide you with all tools necessary to make the data work your way: From Excel add-in, to Python SDK to an API, fitting alternative data into your workflow has never been this easy.

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Jun 29, 2021