Vortexa Leadership

Fabio Kuhn Co-founder and CEO
Etienne Amic Co-Founder and Chairman
Maksym Schipka Chief Technology Officer
Clay Seigle Managing Director, Americas
Reed Barrett Sales Director, Americas
Edward Cheetham Head of Sales, EMEA
Derrick Tee Head of Sales, APAC
Jessica Mander Head of People & Operations
Anish Patel Head of FP&A
Gitanjali Bhattacharjya Head of Revenue Operations & Analytics
Sophie Hart Head of Marketing & Design
Ayca Rodop Head of Market Research
Paulo Nery Head of Market Intelligence & Strategy
Shariq Manji Product Lead
Kuba Korzeniowski Head of Data Services
Romain Guion Head of Signal Processing & Enrichment
John-Robert Granell Head of Application Development
Gustavo Sato dos Santos Head of Predictions & Market Modelling

Board of Directors

Patrick Norris General Partner, Notion Capital
Toby Coppel Co-Founder and Partner, Mosaic Ventures
Jacques Gabillion Former Partner Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
Etienne Amic Co-Founder and Chairman, Vortexa & CEO, VAKT Global Ltd
Fabio Kuhn Co-founder and CEO

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