Redefining trading strategies with China’s new oil regime
Redefining trading strategies with China’s new oil regime
Online webinar, Singapore
07 October 2021
Watch this in-depth webinar where our presenters discussed trading strategies and arbitrage opportunities under China’s new oil regime.

Our presenters shared their thoughts on Asia’s oil demand recovery in Q4 2021, as well as their outlook on how this could impact freight economics.

Watch the full webinar to understand the 4 key highlights covered by our presenters:

  • What crude purchasing strategies are refiners adopting to remain competitive?
  • New arbitrage opportunities for regional refiners under this new regime?
  • How is Asia’s oil demand recovery shaping up in Q4 2021?
  • How does this impact freight economics: continuation of volatile clean vs dismal dirty rates?

Webinar Agenda & Key Takeaways:

  • Global supply tightness drives energy prices higher
  • China’s strategy shift caps crude imports and product exports
  • Asian refiners find new export opportunities within the region and to the West
  • Clean tonnage demand outpaces the dirty segment


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