The rise of freight analytics with Argus, Windward and ZE Powergroup
The rise of freight analytics with Argus, Windward and ZE Powergroup
Online webinar, Europe
27 April 2021
Arthur Richier, Senior Freight Analyst
On 27th April 2021, industry leaders and expert analysts from Vortexa, ZE PowerGroup, Argus Media and Windward discussed the rise of analytics and their impact on freight and energy markets.

Presenters Arthur Richier, Senior Freight Analyst at Vortexa, Aiman El-Ramley, Chief Business Officer at ZE PowerGroup, Alex Younevitch, Global Head of Freight at Argus Media, and moderator Ron Crean, VP Commercials at Windward, came together to analyse how changing market flows and the increased availability of analytics is impacting energy and freight players within the ecosystem.

With fluctuating market flows, the surge in accessible data is evolving into an increasingly powerful tool. Analytics are opening up new opportunities and assisting in making accurate predictions; benefits the freight and energy industries are experiencing right now.

The webinar focused on three critical areas, including:

  • The use of data analytics from a seaborne energy trading perspective
  • Freight and seaborne energy pricing point-of-view
  • Risk analytics for the seaborne energy and freight industries

The panel of experts asked the following key questions to better understand how industry players are adapting to this shifting landscape and what these changes means for the wider ecosystem:

  • Where are you seeing the greatest demand for innovation in your respective markets to move beyond descriptive analytics into predictive analytics?
  • Where are you seeing the biggest disruptive potential in shipping and in the customer segments that you serve?
  • What does the future of analytical tools look like and how can industry players best use data to manage risks?
  • How do you deal with major shifts and disruptions in analytics, for example with the Suez canal blockage? What kind of analytics are market participants mostly adopting from this development?