Vortexa launches Freight API and SDK

Enabling real-time, high-scale access to the most powerful tanker freight intelligence in the market.
  • Vortexa’s Freight API and Python SDK will enable market  participants to get instant, high-scale access to global freight data insights, build custom models and integrate data with internal systems.
  • Vortexa Freight API and Python SDK is available now to all customers and prospects globally.


Vortexa Freight API Data resources

This is the series of videos helping you to learn about how to integrate and benefit from powerful Vortexa Freight API data.
6, June 2022 - London, Vortexa today announced the launch of Freight API and Python SDK providing programmatic access to Vortexa’s intelligence for clients and partners, allowing them to identify and capture opportunities in the tanker freight markets at unparalleled scale and speed.

Freight analysts & charterers

Freight analysts and charterers have complex roles to perform and the need to process large amounts of data and insights at speed which can be cumbersome and time consuming.  With Vortexa Freight API and SDK every chartering desk will have the agility to respond to changing markets timely and build a customised view of the freight world.

Global freight data & insights

Market participants can now benefit from the powerful real-time freight data sets covering voyages events from the start to finish of laden or ballast legs, historical and future vessel availability, freight pricing, predicted destinations and ETAs, fleet distribution, speed, utilisation and congestion.

Chartering teams will have the ability to customise their view on freight market dynamics and uniquely overlay the behavior of the global tanker fleet against future perspective of their own fleets, all in real-time. Vortexa API data can be used to benchmark chartering strategies against competitors to optimise their triangulation and port activities.
Fabio Kuhn, Vortexa’s CEO said: “Ultimately, Vortexa’s Freight API and SDK will empower users to accelerate the digitalisation of their workflows, significantly improving their competitive advantage with high-value, high-scale freight intelligence in real-time.”