A day in the life of…Michael Omoregbee, Senior Finance Analyst

A day in the life of…Michael Omoregbee, Senior Finance Analyst

Ever wondered what a day in the life looks like at Vortexa for a Senior Finance Analyst? We sat down with Michael Omoregbee to discover what qualities are needed to succeed, what day-to-day life looks like and what energises him most about being in his role…

01 October, 2021
Jessica Irvin
Jessica Irvin, Head of Operations & People

Michael is a Senior Finance Analyst based in the London office, responsible for the day-to-day activities in the Finance department.

Prior to joining Vortexa, Michael worked at Endeavour Streaming as a Finance Analyst.

Fun fact: Michael is part of a four-man Boxing podcast called “The Canvas”.

What does day-to-day life in your role look like?

My day generally starts with reviewing emails that have come through overnight. Next, I usually have a daily stand up with our Head of FP & A to go through our work priorities for the day. I try to keep up with requests as they come through; this varies from raising invoices and doing bank reconciliations to working our financial model for our budget and leadership pack.

What would you say is the most interesting aspect of your role?

My role is very diverse with many different facets. As Vortexa is a smaller company, I get to experience all aspects of finance which is obviously great for my career, so I am very grateful. Seeing how we are growing revenue wise is exciting and learning something new about the incredibly diverse oil and gas industry is very intriguing.

What was your path to joining Vortexa?

I studied Business and Accounting at Brunel University. I have worked in a variety of different companies and industries performing various roles across the controllership and then the commercial side of finance. For the last 5 years, I worked at Endeavor across their entertainment division before moving into their streaming division, which was first my introduction into the world of SaaS.

What kind of qualities does a person need to have to succeed at Vortexa?

I think having a growth mindset is key to succeeding in Vortexa. We are trying to achieve and implement things that have never been done before so believing that anything is possible is paramount to succeeding at Vortexa. Being a team player is important as we achieve our goals and targets through collaboration.

What do you like about the culture?

I appreciate that everyone is friendly and inclusive. I feel that there is a real sense of collaboration as we are all working towards a common goal. I have spoken with a lot of like-minded individuals already, which is great.

Who do you collaborate most with at Vortexa?

Currently, I work very closely with our Head of FP & A for obvious reasons. I also frequently collaborate with the People and Operations team. Hopefully, as time progresses, I will have the opportunity to work with everyone in some capacity.

What are the first three things you do on a Monday morning?

Fill up my water bottle, check in and then go through my emails.

What energises you most about working as a Senior Finance Analyst?

Just seeing how quickly the company is growing in terms of recruitment and revenue really emphasises that we are on the cusp of something really great at Vortexa. I feel privileged to be part of the journey and hopefully, I can contribute to the company reaching new heights.

Jessica Irvin
Head of Operations & People
Jessica Irvin
Jessica is Head of People & Operations at Vortexa and is responsible for hiring, learning & development, culture, engagement, performance management and leading expansion plans.