Trade energy derivatives with a physical edge

Anticipate energy prices by accessing complete view of the physical market.
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Trade ahead of energy markets with clear foresight
Access full view of physical market
99% coverage of real-time waterborne energy flows & onshore crude inventories globally
Understand price drivers
Determinate energy prices direction and spot emerging trends early
Stay on top of the market changes
Access changing physical market supply & demand dynamics timely

How Vortexa works for you

Key ways our clients extract value from Vortexa data
Evaluate physical supply & demand
Understand where physical supply & demand will be in the future to predict energy balances globally & regionally.
  • Flows
  • Freight
  • Inventories
Manage financial trading risk with a physical edge
Hedge confidently by gaining a complete picture of the waterborne & inventories energy market.
  • 99% global coverage
  • Real-time access
  • Accurate predictive data
Determine price direction of the physical assets
Access predicted physical market movements & inventories levels that will affect prices of energy derivatives.
  • Inventories
  • Floating storage
  • Predicted destinations
  • Diversions
Explore our products
Energy Flows Analytics
Vortexa’s energy flows data and analytics suite provides complete global waterborne oil & gas flows across time, for any location, fleet, charterer and more.
Freight Analytics
Vortexa’s market-leading Freight Analytics suite provides key demand and supply indicators: availability, utilisation, distribution and congestion, as well as freight pricing and a pricing outlook.
Inventories Analytics
Vortexa's Onshore Crude and Offshore Floating Storage Inventories analytics supply the most complete, fast, and accurate data on global crude and oil product levels.