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Added Aug 19, 2020

Javascript Exchange: Pushing compute to the browser

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Recently, the Application Development Team at Vortexa delivered a presentation at an event run by the JavaScript Exchange. John-Robert Granell (Head of Application Development) and Seán Barry (Full Stack Engineer) outlined the modern solutions we use at Vortexa to deliver a blazing fast and delightful user experience across our platform.

In their presentation ‘Pushing Compute to the Browser’ they explored how, by taking advantage of the latest innovations in browser technology, they were able to evolve a traditionally expensive server process into a modern user-centric feature.

Vortexa delivers one of the most comprehensive data sets of waterborne energy movements at a global scale, and in real time. It is consumed by a broad range of customers with different and unique needs, however, they often share the same purpose; to identify risks and opportunities for their businesses.

Core to this is the ability to access data in a way that suits the customer. This may be through our applications, directly querying our API, using the open source Python SDK, loading data directly into Microsoft Excel via our addins, or simply downloading a CSV. Users have an expectation that they should be able to save what they see on their screen to their personal device.

Exporting data is a crucial part of a modern data-driven platform like ours. The challenge for us was to build it to ensure it was reliable, scalable, and performant regardless of the number of users or time of day.

If you are a software engineer with a particular interest in designing and building complex data driven applications, this presentation is for you! Watch the full presentation below, and download the slides here.



If you want more information about our products and what they can do for you, read our Vortexa Products: Limitless opportunities to capitalise on raw data piece.


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