An unprecedented view of global oil flows – in real time

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The growth and pace of data in the energy markets has changed the game – 90% of global data was created in the last 2 years, and there will be 10 times more by 2020.

Vortexa uses artificial intelligence to analyse and interpret data on a massive scale. It absorbs billions of data points from hundreds of sources to show past, present and future flows of oil worldwide.

Already, Vortexa is helping some of the largest and most experienced traders to outperform the competition with actionable, real-time market intelligence.

Join the future of the Energy Markets now.

Data Era

In the last two years, the frequency of satellite images for any given location on our planet has increased from twice a month to once every 2-3 days. Over this year,  planet Earth will be pictured in its entirety on a daily basis. The latest information on tanker positions is now available in minutes, rather than hours, and will become near real-time this year.

Artificial Intelligence

Vortexa's unique state-of-the-art technology uses advanced Bayesian reasoning and deep learning algorithms to distil data on a massive scale and speed for the energy markets. The vast and complex new world of data is made simple and easily accessible to energy traders and analysts.

Energy Expertise

Vortexa is rooted in the extensive Industry Expertise of its founders who have led trading and technology teams at some of the largest and most sophisticated energy trading companies in the world. Entirely independent, Vortexa is working with some of the best names in the industry to expand their competitive edge in the energy markets.


Nearly every seaborne oil movement happening now and expected over the next few months.

Floating storage and oil-on-water real-time figures, aggregated on a vessel-by-vessel basis.

Prediction of destination, cargo volumes and more than 600 different grades, covering more than 94% of all cargos globally.


Seaborne oil flows from any origin to any destination in the world over last 2 years.

Aggregated figures built and verifiable on a cargo-by-cargo basis.

Early view of import and export figures of OPEC, trading regions or any specific country ahead of official publications.


Be notified of any new oil movement in your area of interest.

Know about any diversions of on-going oil movements immediately.

Easy and intuitive rule setting mechanism driving a powerful real-time engine.

The future of energy TRADING

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