Fix the best vessels in the market with powerful chartering intelligence

Secure the lowest freight rate with the greatest contractual flexibility whilst minimising demurrage costs.
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Why charterers choose Vortexa?
Fix low rates with high contractual flexibility
Track cargo and vessels in real-time down to the grade and product level and evaluate historical vessel availability compared to market alternatives.
Anticipate delays and demurrage costs
View historical and live port waiting times and reduce demurrage exposure on trades by vessel type and commodity through estimated voyage calculations.
Accurately predict future market prices
View The Baltic Exchange freight pricing benchmarks alongside real-time supply and demand market dynamics to asses potential earnings and costs.

How Vortexa works for you

Key ways our clients extract value from Vortexa data
Identify a data-backed chartering strategy
Based your decision on what competitors are doing and what are the trades taking place.
  • Cargo flows
  • Fleet utilisation
  • Freight rates
Understand current & future distribution of tonnage
Evaluate how supply side freight market dynamics will impact pre-fixtures.
  • Fleet distribution
  • Freight rates
  • Port congestion
Maximise your chartering position
Negotiate best market rates to minimise shipping costs & maximise earnings.
  • Freight rates
  • Vessel availability
  • Port congestion
Our products
Energy Flows Analytics
Vortexa’s energy flows data and analytics suite provides complete global waterborne oil & gas flows across time, for any location, fleet, charterer and more.
Freight Analytics
Vortexa’s market-leading Freight Analytics suite provides key demand and supply indicators: availability, utilisation, distribution and congestion, as well as freight pricing and a pricing outlook.
Inventories Analytics
Vortexa's Onshore Crude and Offshore Floating Storage Inventories analytics supply the most complete, fast, and accurate data on global crude and oil product levels.