Energy Stories: The Voyage

Embark on a voyage with us -
in joint collaboration between Vortexa & James Fisher & Sons plc

Uncovering the hidden side of moving energy

Vortexa tracks over 12,000 energy tankers on the water, all over the globe and in real-time, allowing charterers, shipowners and analysts to analyse every voyage and understand global energy flows on both a macro and micro scale.

But between point A and point B lies an entire, complex industry made up of organisations, individuals and processes essential for moving energy efficiently and quickly around the world and getting it to where it’s needed most. For so many in the energy industry the inner workings of this ‘world on the water’ remained a mystery. Until now.

We invite you to sail with us on this one-of-a-kind voyage!

This year we have been working with the team at James Fisher to bring the story of one of those vessels to life. We joined the crew of the Superiority for a short ballast voyage to understand more about life at sea, interviewed the people whose job it is to move energy around the world, and finally, took a closer look at the innovations shaping energy and freight in order to understand what the future of this unique industry looks like.