A crystal ball powered by machine learning and real-time data

Welcome to Vortexa Freight Market Outlook. Accurately predicting the direction of The Baltic Exchange freight rate assessments over the next four business days using today’s prices and real-time supply and demand indicators.
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Freight markets are notoriously volatile and hard to predict

Whilst the market has adapted to constraints generated by the sheer volume of data and lack of transparency on a daily basis for immediate transactions, it has always been a near impossible task to extrapolate where every ship could be up to 6 weeks in the future, combined with real-time demand indicators such as accurate volumes of oil on the water. Until now.

Turning the impossible to possible

A collective intelligence across 6 key components. Unlike humans, who learn from both basic principles and experience, machine learning models learn patterns directly from data and generate predictions based on the observed patterns.

Powerful future insight

Vortexa’s Freight Market Outlook unlocks an immense competitive edge for freight market participants by accurately predicting which direction The Baltic Exchange freight rate assessments will move in the next four working days. We draw on our comprehensive market data sources and proprietary machine learning models to provide an advanced view into market dynamics.

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